Welcome to all our wonderful new volunteer sign-ups! Thank you for offering your help at this difficult time. Lots of requests are already coming through via our WhatsApp groups, so please make it a priority to join the one closest to you using our central directory.

Please do forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in volunteering – here is our sign up form.

We have also now created a ‘Someone needs help’ form. This is for things your local or ward Whatsapp group cannot handle or serious safeguarding issues. Please do try to go through the Whatsapp groups first where possible. You can find the link to our form here.

In other news, we have expanded and updated our guidelines on safeguarding and data protection to make sure everyone is kept safe and their information handled properly – we are doing some final edits so these are not included in this email, but will be pushed out to you all tomorrow. When they hit your inbox, please do take the time to read them through – we’ve tried to make them accessible and easy to understand while covering everything necessary. The last thing any of us wants is to spread the virus further without meaning to.  
Call for volunteers:
Requests from Redbridge based groups: We have had a request from someone looking to do some shopping for an elderly relative in Ilford Town ward. We will need a few volunteers for this, as this person needs quite a few things. Please get in touch if you can help for more details. A person who is self-isolating, also in Ilford Town ward bordering Valentines ward, needs help with shopping. Bridge ward is planning to flyer the entire ward from Tuesday, but need more people to help with this! Please email bridgewardcovidaid@gmail.com if you can help out – even with one street, as every bit counts! The admin team need people to use Redbridge Council’s ward map to transcribe lists of all the streets in some wards we are going to flyer to make sure we don’t duplicate or miss streets. You can do as many or as few as you’d like. Please get in touch and we will provide images for you to work on. This will be a huge help to us for getting the word out – particularly in wards like Bridge which have leaflets arriving soon! We have had a request from a family with children with special needs who cannot find their safe foods. If you have, or can find, these specific things it would be a real help to them:#
Sainsbury’s free from fuisilli pasta
White Rice ( long grain )
Heinz beans preferably snap pots
Ella’s kitchen banana & apple pouches
Ella’s kitchen peach & bananas
Ella’s kitchen the green one 

A neighbour in Seven Kings has asked us to establish regular check-ups on someone as they can’t always be there.
Please get in touch if you can be part of a small team to check on this person and potentially provide help with shopping and other minor tasks.
We’re looking for teams of people to co-ordinate flyering and responding to requests for help in some wards. We have an amazing number of people who have stepped forward to organise in their areas and even wards – a huge thank you to them.
However, in the following areas we don’t yet have any group effort even if we know individuals have been doing things – can you help?
Get in touch if you’re based in: Aldborough, Clementswood, Cranbrook, Fairlop, Goodmayes, Loxford, Mayfield, or Valentines. 

Food banks across Redbridge are running very low on donations because of continued panic buying – please see if there is anything you can donate to them. Here is a list of all the dropoff points and times for donations to Redbridge Food Bank.
They currently urgently need:
tinned meat/fish,
tinned tomatoes,
tinned fruit,
rice pudding/custard,
tinned spaghetti,
long-life juice,
nappies in sizes 5 & 6,
and toilet paper.  
We know right now the groups may feel as if there is little to do, but remember we are only at the very beginning of this episode. Please be patient – in a matter of weeks every pair of hands will count. In the meantime to prepare you can:
Set up a smaller Whatsapp group and have just one member on the ward group/Facebook to co-ordinate your area. Email redbridgecovid19mutualaid@gmail.com or Facebook message us the details of your group to be added to our central directory. You can include an invitation link or a person to contact.
Flyer your street(s) using our templates to offer your help as most vulnerable people do not use social media.
Flyer option one (template provided by the Chingford and Woodford Green Labour Party, reproduced with permission. We are a neutral community group with no party affiliation.)
Flyer option two
Flyer option three
Ask local shops, faith groups and community centres if you can display a flyer there, or spread it to your network. Not sure if a Whatsapp group has been created yet? Check the directory first, it’s organised by ward. 
It can be difficult to feel positive when the news is worrying. Here are some of the amazing things our ward groups have already done: Bridge ward raised money from volunteers to fund printing leaflets to cover the entire ward! This was also aided by the Monkhams team kindly altering their flyer for Bridge. Hainault ward have already received messages of thanks from multiple people they have helped and/or who received a leaflet. Seven Kings have found the specific brand of tinned food an elderly person couldn’t find due to panic buying, which was what they were used to eating. What an effort! Barkingside ward group has been busy picking up shopping for lots of people who can’t get out to do their own for various reasons – what stars! All our previous requests for help were inundated with offers – thank you all so much. Both the persons helped have expressed their thanks to everyone. 

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